Here's What Happens to Your Body When Your Thyroid Is Imbalanced

Are you plagued by mysterious symptoms and are having trouble finding a diagnosis? Are these symptoms impacting your life? Problems like fatigue, temperature intolerance, joint and muscle pain, and a myriad of other health issues can often be a sign of a thyroid imbalance.

At her endocrinology practice in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, New York, Dr. Ana Maria Kausel diagnoses and treats thyroid imbalances, giving you back your health and vitality. Whether your thyroid is overreacting or under compensating, balance can be restored.

Understanding your thyroid

Your thyroid is located right at the dip above your collarbone, at the bottom of your neck. It’s shaped like a butterfly and curves around your trachea just under your larynx (voice box.) Your thyroid makes several hormones, which help regulate numerous bodily functions.

When your thyroid is overactive, it speeds up your metabolism. When it is underactive, your metabolism slows down. Thyroid imbalances of either variety can cause a host of side effects, many of which are often attributed to other conditions. 

This can make thyroid issues hard to spot, making a visit to an endocrinologist like Dr. Kausel even more important.

Types of thyroid imbalance

When your thyroid makes too much hormones, you have hyperthyroidism. Symptoms can include:

When your thyroid doesn’t make enough hormones, you have hypothyroidism. Symptoms can include:

Thyroid imbalance diagnosis and treatment

During your consultation, Dr. Kausel asks about your medical history, including information about any family members with thyroid issues. She might order blood tests to measure the levels of the different thyroid hormones in your system. 

If your symptoms indicate an overactive or underactive thyroid and blood tests confirm the diagnosis, Dr. Kausel creates a treatment plan to help rebalance your thyroid and restore your well-being.

Treatment for hypothyroidism usually involves prescribing synthetic thyroid hormones to stabilize your metabolism. Treatment for hyperthyroidism can include radioactive iodine pills to help curb your thyroid from overproducing hormones, medications to stop the hormonal production or surgery (to remove your thyroid).

If you feel you could benefit from testing for thyroid imbalance, contact our office at 646-205-0618 or book a consultation online using our convenient scheduling tool.


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