The Advantages of an Insulin Pump to Manage Diabetes

If you use insulin for diabetes, you know that it can be taxing to have to give yourself an injection one to four times (or more) each day. You know that taking insulin is important because it helps your blood sugar stay in range, but you also know that life would be easier if you didn’t have to worry about insulin shots.

Thankfully, there’s an alternative to injecting yourself with insulin for diabetes: Using an insulin pump. An insulin pump gives you slow, steady doses of insulin throughout the day via a small thin needle that stays implanted in your skin for several days at a time.

At her endocrinology practice in the Chelsea section of New York City, Dr. Ana Maria Kausel works with you to determine whether an insulin pump is the right insulin delivery mechanism for you. She would like to share some important information with you about this innovative treatment method.

What is an insulin pump?

An insulin pump, which is also known as continuous subcutaneous insulin, is a device that releases insulin continuously into your blood via a pump that you wear on your belt, in a pouch, or in your pocket. There are also wireless devices that are not connected through tubes. The pump or pod is connected to a tiny computer and/or reservoir of insulin designed to provide your body with the insulin it needs, when it needs it.

Although the pump is programmed to deliver a steady dose of insulin, you can prompt it to give you a surge of insulin when needed, such as at mealtimes. An insulin pump can be used with or without a glucose sensor.  

Advantages of the insulin pump

Using an insulin pump can be especially useful for people who have trouble managing their blood sugar, lead an active lifestyle, or require several insulin injections per day. Although insulin pumps are appropriate for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, they can be especially helpful for people with type 1 diabetes who must self-inject insulin multiple times daily.  

In addition, using an insulin pump provides many other advantages, including the following:

Steady release of insulin

Unlike the injections of insulin you give yourself several times a day, an insulin pump delivers a steady stream of insulin throughout the day and night. Some newer versions work in a 'closed loop' and if used with a glucose sensor, are able to determine whether your body needs more or less insulin in an automated way; without checking your sugars.

Better blood sugar control

Because the pump mimics the way a healthy pancreas releases insulin, having a pump is a more natural way for your body to receive insulin. Having a steady dose of insulin helps reduce your risk of blood sugar spikes and hypoglycemia, which can be life threatening. We can program the pump based on your specific body needs. 


If you’ve ever had to pull off the highway or excuse yourself from a dinner party to give yourself an insulin injection, you know how inconvenient they can sometimes be. The insulin pump provides a much more convenient way to use insulin, giving you welcome relief from the grind of having to give yourself injections. Some of them are waterproof and wireless so it gives you the freedom to do water activities. 

Find out if an insulin pump is right for you

To learn more about the insulin pump, call our office at 646-205-1206 or schedule an appointment using our convenient online tool.

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