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Dr. Ana has a way of making you feel like you have known her forever. She made a point to ask questions regarding my nutrition, other medications, habits, stress etc. and talked extensively about her concerns.

Her diagnosis and treatment plan were discussed with me at length, in order to help me understand my options and make an intelligent decision. She personally helped me evaluate my options to choose what worked best for my lifestyle, and her willingness to keep medications to a minimum was greatly appreciated.

Her straight to the point personality makes it easy to like her as a doctor, but more importantly, as a human. I highly recommend Dr. Ana to anyone looking for a doctor that takes the time to give the care we all deserve.

- Ida Ruggeiro


Ana was an absolute pleasure! From the minute I walked in, the aesthetics of the office were out of this world. It was the perfect combination of zen, tranquility and peace that I needed as I waited for Ana. She came right away and to my surprise was one of the best appointments I have ever had. My previous doctor visits were definitely not the best, so coming in I did not expect much. Ana was very friendly and open to conversation which made me feel comfortable right away. She addressed my concerns on issues and the various treatments I could use to solve them right away. I did not feel as if she was my Doctor but a very close friend who I can trust. I left feeling as if I had no worries at all being in Ana’s hands. After our visit, Ana regularly followed up with me, making sure I received the proper treatment and was seeing results. I highly recommend seeing Ana. I promise you will be happy that you did!

- Mohine Matin


I have over the past 2 years always found Dr. Kausel to be knowledgeable, caring and very approachable. Whenever I had a question about my treatment, she would go to great lengths to make sure I understood her answer. When I contact her by phone or email, I always receive a response from her within 24 hours. More than once she has contacted my insurance company on my behalf, which to me is huge. Dr. Kausel is a caring professional and I would recommend her to anyone.

- Philip Allen


Dr. Ana Kausel Is a doctor extraordinaire. She is the rare combination of an astute scientist and a calm, perceptive caregiver. I cannot overemphasize the degree to which working with Dr. Kausel has impacted my life. Under her care I faced a life-threatening disease and she helped me navigate the most difficult decisions of my life. I don’t know how I would have managed without her. Beyond the scope of her responsibilities, she researched to help me find the right surgeon and continued to monitor me even when I was no longer under her care. It is evident that Dr. Ana Kausel cares deeply for her patients and sees them as people first. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Dr. Kausel’s dedication, compassion, and judgment.

- Marissa Berber

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