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Over 56,000 cases of thyroid cancer are diagnosed in the United States each year. If you have a family history of thyroid cancer or other problems or notice a lump growing on your neck, contact Ana Maria Kausel, MD at her practice, Ana Maria Kausel MD Endocrinology, Dr. Kausel is a board-certified endocrinologist practicing in NoMad, New York City. She diagnoses thyroid cancer and offers customized treatments to help you fight cancer and restore your health. Call or schedule a consultation online today.

Thyroid Cancer Q & A

What is thyroid cancer?

Your thyroid is a small gland located at the front of your neck. It produces the hormones that regulate your metabolism and a wide range of other body functions. Thyroid cancer occurs when abnormal cells begin to multiply rapidly.

Women are much more likely than men to develop thyroid cancer. Your risk of thyroid cancer also increases as you age. Fortunately, in most cases, thyroid cancer is curable.

There are three main types of thyroid cancer: differentiated, medullary, and anaplastic. Differentiated thyroid cancers include papillary, follicular, and Hürthle cell. Medullary thyroid carcinoma begins in the C cells of your thyroid and can spread to your lymph nodes or liver rapidly. Anaplastic thyroid cancer is rare but challenging to treat because it can spread quickly throughout your body.

What are the signs of thyroid cancer?

In many cases, thyroid cancer doesn’t cause any noticeable symptoms. However, one of the common warning signs of thyroid cancer is a lump on your neck. You might also develop hoarseness or a change in your voice.

If you notice any of these symptoms, especially if you have a family history of thyroid problems, you should make an appointment with Dr. Kausel. While your symptoms may not be caused by cancer, they could be due to another thyroid disease.

How is thyroid cancer diagnosed?

Dr. Kausel uses a variety of tests to diagnose thyroid cancer. Beginning with a comprehensive consultation and physical exam, she looks for signs of thyroid enlargement and assesses your risk of cancer. Blood tests can reveal whether your thyroid is functioning correctly.

Dr. Kausel may order ultrasounds, MRIs, or radioactive iodine scans to look for abnormal growths on your thyroid. If you have an abnormal lump on your thyroid, Dr. Kausel orders a biopsy to collect a sample of cells to test for cancer.

How is thyroid cancer treated?

Dr. Kausel recommends treatments based on the specific type of thyroid cancer you have and how far it has progressed. She often combines treatments such as:

  • Radioactive iodine
  • Surgery
  • Hormone treatments
  • Radiation
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted cancer therapy

If you’re concerned about thyroid cancer or your thyroid health, call Dr. Kausel or make an appointment online today.